Well, this is definitely not the best thing I've ever done, but it's also not the worst. I wish I could carry the energy from the sketch stage through to the finished piece. (Wow, check out that rustic-looking chalkboard - looks like it was pulled out of a lake!) I was a little concerned about the chalk boxes looking like they were cigarette boxes for some reason... apparently Goobley's a two-pack-a-day monster! (But he's trying to quit.)

Anyway, enjoy these monster sketches:


Super Wu-Man said...

great stuff, you should drop out of school/work and illistrate full time! make your own books, you would destroy!

Jed said...

NIce use of color, Becky! I think it's fun. The monster might need a bit more highlights here and there, just to flesh him out.

Really fun!

Star Gazer said...

Oohh, I love this Becky! What great illustrations and I love the color choices.

Dave James said...

YOU are VERY talented. This is GREAT stuff. Love the WHOLE blog. I need to dig out some paint and start painting. You have inspired me.