Yeah, yeah- I know...

So, I really suck at updating my blog! But you guys know that already, right!




I've been working like crazy to get things ready for my senior show. And guess what - I actually took progress pictures! I started in acrylic, finished in oil and tried to channel Klimt. :)


Ex Libris Illustration Show

I'm having an art show and you are all invited! It will have new, never before seen work in it AND if you come to the opening reception you could be one of the lucky people who get to buy pins and prints of my work! I'll be posting more work in the following weeks, including the ones on the pins, so keep an eye out!



Future paintings??


New Tablet!!

Just bought an Intuous4 and I LOVE it! It actually draws what I want it to and I'm psyched :)
Does anyone know why blogger desaturates the colors when you upload images??