Nicole & Matt :)

One of my very good friends from work, Nicole, is getting married this January & asked me to draw a picture of her & her fiance. They were so much fun to draw & I'm so happy that she loves how it turned out! They are the cutest couple ever :) I even had that song "So Happy Together" running through my mind while I was drawing it (& I'm sure they will be)!


One more for the road.

I think we all feel like this sometimes. I'll probably do a finished version of this someday.


Well, this is definitely not the best thing I've ever done, but it's also not the worst. I wish I could carry the energy from the sketch stage through to the finished piece. (Wow, check out that rustic-looking chalkboard - looks like it was pulled out of a lake!) I was a little concerned about the chalk boxes looking like they were cigarette boxes for some reason... apparently Goobley's a two-pack-a-day monster! (But he's trying to quit.)

Anyway, enjoy these monster sketches: