Just for Fun

Whoa - I just realized that if I had made this girl a blonde she'd look like Janice from the Muppets! (well, sorta...) weird.


Tea Party

Who hasn't imagined having a tea party with a dragon? This little girl is trying to teach a dragon the proper way to hold a tea cup - with your pinkie up! Well, this was done for an assignment and it was intense! -- I had to do about a zillion sketches & crank it out as fast as I possibly could. It was fun though. :) I was thinking of making the dragon more colorful at first, but opted for a more traditional looking one. I wish it looked a little more like the one from my thumbnail sketch. I need to work on carrying the spontaneity from my sketches through to the finished piece!



More col-erase sketches! I would love to do a children's story starring these characters! -- The bunnies were so fun I couldn't stop drawing them! (I think I have about 10 pages of just bunnies!!). :)


More charcoal dust!

Another charcoal on newsprint. I really struggled on this one - it didn't look like it was going to make it until the very end. I wish I'd been able to sit on the other side of this model - she had a few of these seashells throughout her hair and all I could see from my angle was the one on top. :( Great model though, lots of fun to draw.