This was such a fun project to work on! Since I don't usually draw monkeys I spent a little time sketching as many as I could.

I was trying to figure out their designs, different personalities and silhouettes. Throughout the book more & more monkeys show up, plus a gorilla, so it was challenging toward the end!

I also had this "brilliant" idea that I would have the background color intensify as the story progressed. (Otherwise it would have been the same jungle background in every single image, boring!) Here's a color script showing the background starting out blue, turning more yellow & green and finally orange with an explosion of color in the last frame of the story.

If you're interested you can take a look at the entire book


Postcard Promos

My latest round of postcards featuring monkeys from a book I illustrated. It's hard to know how successful sending postcards to publishers/art directors is, I've had mixed results, but I'm still new at it.

Random Sketches

Here are some random sketches for your enjoyment.

Do you remember Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal"?? Puppets and prophecies, what more could a kid in the 80's want? It has to be one of my favorite movies (and the reason I love Jim Henson and Brian/Wendy Froud) so here's a couple of sketches of the gelflings.