I just love working in black & white! It's so much easier than color!! :)

These are from when I was young & naive... okay they're actually from a couple of years ago. I was digging through my old things and can remember how much I loved working on these two pictures.

The first is sort of a mechanical "unicorn" I drew while I was watching Aliens and the second is the interior of a car, both were done as assignments in illustration classes. :)


Jed said...

your car comp is really great. it works abstractly in a very nice way.


Lacee said...

Ah yes the good old days in Sheila & Brian's classes.... I'm suprised you didn't post your angel robot thing that goes with your unicorn, or was that a sepia panting? is school too busy to get together right now?

Munchanka said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Becky. Cool illustrations! I love the dragon, colossal characters trying to be dainty is always a laugh :)


Hello, Becky. Thank you for the kind comments about my work.

Your art is fun and fanciful and on occasion skirts the line of the surreal. Just great stuff all around!